Restaurants, Condos & Parks brewing along the Minneapolis Riverfront!


In the past few months there has been a slew of restaurants that have opened along the Minneapolis Riverfront in Northeast Minneapolis as well as completion of the latest condo projects: Cobalt, Flour Sack Flats and the full on construction of the Phoenix on the River and most importantly the latest in a series of new parks to the Riverfront: Water Power Park on Main St SE.

The latest restaurants include Picosa on Main St SE next to some of the well dining joints along the river such as Vics, Tuggs and Pracna on Main. Picosa features a casual latino dining experience and begins serving lunch and stays open well into the night. From the outdoor seating the views of the riverfront and Minneapolis are flawless.

The Brass Rotisserie about 6 blocks north of the river on 528 University Ave and opened yesterday (6/27.) Owner/Chef Alex Roberts of Restaurant Alma–is going for a casual Carribean style menu featuring rotisserie chicken and slow-roasted pork with side dishes of grits, rice, beans and sweet potatoes.

Kim Bartmann owner of the Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown is also opening her third eatery in Northeast called The Red Stag –a Northwoods style supper club with a green twist. The Red Stag will be the first restaurant in the state built to meet the standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the national standard for green building.

Two weeks ago during the Stone Arch festival another park in St Anthony Main was opened: Water Power Park. The park which connects St Anthony to Hennepin Island via a walking bridge gives visitors close-up views of the falls as well as an amazing view of the city.


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One response to “Restaurants, Condos & Parks brewing along the Minneapolis Riverfront!

  1. The area certainly is building up nicely. A few observations:

    (1) The riverfront is mostly well-attended in the summer. What do you think of its prospects as a winter-time entertainment destination?

    (2) There is strong economic competition from Dinkytown and Central/Hennepin. If more stores open along Main, how will they fare?

    (3) What are the prospects for Riverplace, which as far as I can tell is mostly unoccupied?


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