Grab Coffee, then a condo tour of the city?

Do you see downtown in your future…in the next year or two? Discover and get to know Minneapolis in a tour guided by natives.


Ben Ganje offers free condo and loft tour to people looking to find the ideal property to match their tastes and interests for when they buy in the next year or two. Take some time to take in the sights, delights and all the options downtown Minneapolis has to offer in a tour guided by a knowledgeable professional who lives and works there. Sign up for this unique adventure that takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month, and you’ll see a variety of condos and lofts in 3 of the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis in all price ranges. There’s no obligation necessary, the tour is absolutely free.

In the Minneapolis/St Paul market there are thousands of agents out there working with buyers and sellers. Many of the agents sell all sorts of Real Estate-however few focus on a particular niche of the market and stick to it.

As one of the top real estate agents in downtown Minneapolis, Ben Ganje has been involved with numerous condominium projects as well as working with buyers to find the best deals in the market. Unlike a typical single family home, condominiums have a completely different set of details to understand and having an agent that can explain these and interpret them to your advantage is for a successful buying experience. If you are thinking of making the move downtown it may be a good idea to have a conversation now with Ben about your next step to living the Urban Life!  Email him today!




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